Pathology Software Features :

LABOTRONIX BY Sunita Infosys is a WINDOWS BASED CLIENT SERVER PATHOLOGY REPORTING SOFTWARE or PATHOLOGY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. It is Tried and Tested Best Pathology software. It can make your Laboratory report generation and accounts management job much simpler and quicker. It is suitable for any kind of pathology laboratory or Diagnostic Centre. It is designed to automate the whole operations of a pathology lab or Diagnostic centre like billing, daily sample collection monitoring, pathological tests carried out, Test Report generation, patient information management and diagnostic reports entry, fees collection,, calculation of commission (if any), Commission Payment Management, bill printing, report printing, report delivery, user access monitoring, Total Earning report, cash collection report and many other MIS Reports. It has a robust database system to handle large amount of data with a high level of data security.

Easy to Use

LABOTRONIX BY Sunita Infosys is very well designed and All forms are so carefully designed with the help of Expert pathology Technicians and A1 Diagnostic Centre to ensure the Industry Standards in the PATHOLOGY SOFTWARE as well as User Friendly Design to Quick and Easy Entry. All forms are various autofill methods so that you have to enter only the necessary data only no repeated data entry.

Any kind of pathology test report or Diagnostic Laboratory Test Report can be generated by it.

  • any any any…. report.

User it self can Customize any Pathology Laboratory Test report very easily. Just make your test report format and start printing your test reports in seconds. 

  • Add New Field
  • Delete any Field
  • Change Name of any test Field
  • Set field type (VALUE/ DESCRIPTION/ HEADING)
  • Set NORMAL VALUE RANGES for each test field.
  • Set DEFAULT VALUE for each test field.

Built in Tests Formats is provided with this pathology software

  • Biochemistry reports.
  • Haematology reports.
  • Ultrasonography reports.
  • Cytopathology reports.
  • XRAY Reports, etc.

Custom Branding

You can use your own company Name, Address, Phone Number, Logo etc as per your company. Your customer will get Pathology Reports with your company name, address, phone number and Logo.

Custom Lab Report can be made.

You can create your own report format using LABOTRONIX BY Sunita Infosys. It is totally Customizable. We can create new report format for you from scratch as per your need.

Export Reports to any format(PDF/ RTF)

  • PDF (You can Email Test Report to any Client.)
  • Microsoft Word (EDITABLE that is you can Edit this report in Microsoft Word.)
  • Rich Text Format -RTF( EDITABLE- You can Edit this in any RTF Editor like MsWord, Windows WordPad etc.)

Complete Patient Record keeping is available with LABOTRONIX BY Sunita Infosys. 

  • Patient Master Data Entry.
  • Patient Tests Sample Receipt.
  • Patient Test Reports Delivery Management.
  • Patient History.
  • Patient Bill payment management.

Referrer (Doctor/ Hospital) account and Commission Management.

  • Patient Referrer Accounts Master
  • Patient Referrer Commission Calculation Per Patient Bill.
  • Patient Referrer Commission Payment Management.

Collection Centre/ Agent Account and Commission Management

  • Agent Accounts Master
  • Agent Commission/Discount/Discounted Rate Setting Per Test.
  • Agent’s Test Sample Receipt Management.
  • Agent’s Test Report Issue/ Delivery Management.
  • Agent’s Bill Payment Management.

Can E-mail any test report from LABOTRONIX BY Sunita Infosys.

  • E-mail Test Reports to Patient.
  • E-mail Test Reports to Client AGENT/ Collection Centre.
  • E-mail Test Reports to Doctor.
  • E-mail Test Reports to Hospital/ Department.

Maintain Profile of Tests / Package of Tests. 

  • Create Test profile comprising many test from different test groups.
  • Create Rates for each profile.

Misc Features

  • Single click or ‘Hot Keys’ facilities available for the most frequently used operations in each form of the Pathology software.
  • Simple & Turbo search facilities is also with the Pathology software. Search a patient by many different ways. like By Name,By Doctor,By test, By City, By Date Range etc
  • Built in Normal Ranges for various tests.>
  • You can put your own logo to be printed with the Reports and Bills in this Pathology software.
  • Doctor’s Directory for those doctors in your locality with various details of those doctors can be maintain with this Pathology software.
  • Can set/ Change default values for each tests each field.
  • Can set/ Change Normal value ranges / Reference Range for each tests each field (Male , Female , Child Wise).
  • Can Print test report to any kind of Printer (DOT MATRIX/ INKJET/ LASERJET/ DESKJET).
  • Windows based Graphical printing on Laser/Inkjet printer @ approximately 6 page per minute.
  • Print multiple test reports on a single page. On one page combine Haematology + Biochemistry reports.

Auto Load Default Test Results.

  • That is if you want to set default result for any test and want to load at pathology report entry time then the default result will be entered for you.
  • Auto View Previous Test Results.
  • That is you can view Previous Test Result of the Patient for that TestField if any. That is you can view previous Test result if that patient have done the same test in your lab.

Deletion of patient records (both master data and Tests data) with date range and Patient id Range 

  • Delete patient records will all of its tests, payment data for a patient ID Range.
  • Delete patient records will all of its tests, payment data for a Date range.

Highly Secured Pathology Software with Complete User Access Management.

  • User master to manage user accounts.
  • You can grant/block User access/ permission for each form’s for each action.

Easy Backup of Database

  • There is AUTOBACKUP Facility with the Pathology software. It’s Intelligent Core will automatically backup the database.
  • You can manually take backup very easily just by choosing the backup location and Clicking the BACKUP Button.

No Limit of User Accounts.

You can create unlimited user accounts. Then create each account’s permission settings.

Software have Well Documented Help.

  • Every form has Help Icon. You can click on the Icon or press F1 to see the help for that form
  • General Help Document is available in PDF , WORD and CHM Format.
  • You can visit our website for more knowledge.
  • You can call our Customer Care Desk 24×365 for any query.


  • LABOTRONIX BY Sunita Infosys can be installed on a single machine as well as Client Server Network (LAN) (Charges vary on No. of terminals).
  • Find the number of tests conducted in any given period of time. Complete View of how many tests conducted during a period of time.


  • Sample Collection Report.
  • Tests left to be done.
  • Test reports completed but not delivered.
  • Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Collection Report (Cash / Credit)
  • Payment Due reports
  • Agent Wise collection reports
  • Agent Wise due reports.
  • Referer wise commission report
  • Referer wise commission payment report.
  • Outstanding Commission Report.
  • Outstanding Bill Report.
  • Daily/ Monthly/ Yearly Sale report.
  • Agent wise Business Transaction Report.
  • Doctor wise Business Transaction Report.
  • Stock Report.
  • and many more.


  • STOP WATCH with Millisecond precision.
  • IMAGE VIEWER to view image.
  • IMAGE EDITOR to edit image.
  • E-mailing software.

Comprehensive Help is Provided.

  • Well designed PDF Help is Provided.
  • Well designed CHM Help is available.
  • In any form just press F1 key to view the help for that form.
  • Multilanguage Help. As we found that many computer operator easily understand the content of the help document if it is written in his familiar language. So we developed help document in many regional languages.

Support by our Experts.

  • 24×365 full online support. If you have Internet connection then our expert will remotely operate your machine with your permission to resolve the problem. You can see the operation our expert is performing or our expert will guide you to how to resolve the problem.
  • Email Help Support when you want to write to us with some image or specific data or to reduce phone bill.
  • Phone Help Support when you have no internet connection.


  • PENTIUM 4 or above
  • 512 MB RAM or More
  • 1024×768 Screen Resolution or Higher
  • 20 GB HARD DISK SPACE or Larger
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Higher Operating System.
  • Other Required items you can download from the Internet as per our advice at free of cost.


  • Ultimate Edition have all the above features.
  • Standard Edition is for those pathology labs which do not have USG,X-RAY,CT-SCAN facility.